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Nov. 8th, 2006

I am using my old journal again now. If you are interested in reading it just add pyratekk.

That is all.

My friend Kim and I are making all natural (mostly organic) oatmeal baths, you know you want some :)
Day 6, and I ironically feel GREAT! I confused the people yesterday at Chuck E. Cheese when they saw me playing DDR...because apparently a pregnant woman (and especially not one who [at that point] is 5 days overdue should EVER have fun and play DDR.

I look fat, but here is my proof lol:

I haven't resized the pictures my friend gave me, so I'll just post these pictures as links, but here are some good times from yesterday...
OMG she's stealing one of the basketballs!!
I hit the ticket jackpot - 200!!
Me, Kim's son Tommy, and Roxy at the playground

I'm due today - but that isn't going to happen
And I'm happy. Why? Because I'm so sick I can't really move, and heaven forbid me have to have this baby with an energy level like this :(
I made a friend!
I met a girl from www.charlottemommies.com and we've hit it off wonderfully. So far we've hung out every day aside from the weekends (those are too busy for both of us) since around last Tuesday. Today we're going thrifting and grocery shopping...I never thought I'd be HAPPY to get out of the house to get groceries. Her son is the most adorable little boy on the planet. He says that I have a baby in my belly, and apparently he thinks I ate it because he always says "GULP!" when he talks about it. Too cute. Her and I are also apparently dating the same guy because her husband and Alex are insanely alike. It's great to have someone to really really talk to...especially in person.

I got the nursery nearly done yesterday! The only thing I need is to pack up the Aero bed (it's laying flattened in the closet) and to get some good fishing/boat pictures hung up on the wall. I also need to buy a matress pad for the crib, and I'm going today (hopefully) to get a lamp because the room doesn't have a light...the only way to see is to turn on the closet light. I also have a ton of other cleaning to do...it'll get done eventually...like today I guess.

Alex's job is going great, he's making enough money in one check to pay all of our bills...and he gets 2 checks each month. So we have money to do nice things again, and that plus the money he makes at bonefish on weekends is really helping our bank account. We had been saving and scrimping for so long...so now it's good to get to go out to dinner once and a while and not feel like we're barely making it. And we have more than enough to have a good life even once the baby comes. I like that feeling.
All signs of labor kind of backed off...so who knows now?
Oh well, he'll come when he wants to!!
I've been having a lot of labor symptoms, and I am thinking I may be starting early labor. So everyone send me easy labor vibes!!! Up until now I hadn't had PAINFUL contractions but this one really hurt so it might be any time now. Whenever I go into labor I'm probably going to ask someoen to come update my journal for me and tell everyone - so expect it :)

Sep. 29th, 2006

Sorry that I hardly post guys...
All I really do is use forums when I'm online and I comment a lot on communities. Which is why I have the comment stats I do:

"Posted: 143 - Received: 26"

Anyhow, so yea. If you need to get ahold of me my e-mail is christi.dnb@gmail.com and my aim is ChristiDnB.